Company Assessment Filing Information

Company Assessments are due March 1 pursuant to Chapter 4 of Title 38.2 of the Code of Virginia.  Penalties may apply.

Submit an Assessment and Payment

  1. Complete the Assessable Premium Questionnaire and Worksheet to determine specific assessments that are required. 
  2. Log into the Company Assessment Filing Portal to submit the filing and payment. 
    • To avoid potential software problems, please do not open multiple sessions of the portal or open it in multiple browsers. 
    • The portal will time out if you are idle for 15 minutes.

Current Assessment Rates

Assessment Type Rate
Maintenance Assessment for Bureau of Insurance* 0.025%
Fire Programs Fund Assessment 1.00%
Flood Prevention and Protection Assessment Fund Assessment 1.00%
HEAT Assessment 0.25%
Fraud Assessment 0.05%

*Assessment Order

Update the company assessment contact address using the Company Address Change Service.

Email us at or call us at 804-840-7210 with any questions regarding the filing and payment of assessments.