Appointment Billing Information

Schedule of Appointment Billing and Payment Due Dates

Quarterly Billing Billing Date Due Date
1st April 1 May 10
2nd July 1 August 10
3rd October 1 November 10
4th January 1 February 10
Renewal Billing July 1  August 10

A $50 per-calendar-day penalty will be imposed for each day the payment is late.
A $35 returned-item fee will be added for any payments returned or not authorized by the bank.

Retrieving Invoice and Submitting Payment

  1.  Log into the Company Appointment Billing Web Portal using your company’s NAIC # and PIN #.
    • If you do not know your company’s PIN, click “Need PIN?” and the PIN contact name and phone number displays. 
    • If your PIN contact is no longer with the company, you may email to establish a new PIN contact.
  2. Once you’ve entered the portal, look for an OPEN invoice status.
  3. If there is an open invoice status, click on the “Pay Online” link and follow the payment instructions.
    • Paying online is the preferred method of payment.
    • If you are unable to pay online, you can submit a check. Click on “Pay by Check” to print a copy of the invoice and send it with your check to the address shown on the front of the invoice.

Update the appointment billing contact address using the Company Address Change Service.

Email us at with any questions regarding the payment of the appointment billing invoices.

Questions regarding additions or cancellations of appointments should be addressed by emailing