Invest Wisely

What is Invest Wisely?

Invest Wisely is an outreach and communications program led by the Division of Securities and Retail Franchising to provide Virginians like you with the knowledge and free tools to make informed investment decisions. The program seeks to:
  • Create public awareness of the Division’s free available resources
  • Highlight the importance of doing business with registered investment firms and individuals, and to encourage Virginians to conduct research before investing
  • Communicate the red flags of investment fraud
  • Encourage Virginians to contact us with questions or to report any suspected violations

We encourage you to utilize the free resources on this page. Start your research by checking the registration status of a firm or individual selling you an investment or offering investment advice. You may also check our database of regulatory actions. Virginians who KNOW don’t fall for investment fraud. Informed investors Invest Wisely!

Check Registration Status


Access information about investment advisors, brokers, broker-dealers and agents, investment firms and individuals, securities or franchises registered for sale, and trademarks and service marks registered in Virginia.

About Us

Investments can be intimidating. Understanding the role of the Division of Securities & Retail Franchising can help.

Regulatory Activity

Knowledge of action taken by the Commission can be helpful in assessing the credibility of investment or franchise offerings.


We investigate complaints regarding the sale of investment products and franchises and the practices of investment advisors and broker dealers in Virginia.

File a Complaint

You may feel like you were a victim of a scam or that someone may be violating the Virginia Securities Act or the Virginia Retail Franchising Act