Public Service Taxation

Our Mission

The Division of Public Service Taxation (PST) is responsible for the assessment of all property of Public Service Corporations for local taxation. This includes electric, gas, telecommunications and water companies. Our goal is to effectively and equitably assess all property and to accurately distribute the assessed values to each city, county and town in which the property is located. The Public Service Taxation Division also assesses of the rolling stock of certain certificated motor vehicle carriers.

The PST Division is responsible for obtaining Annual Reports from certain types of public service companies. The annual tax reports are due by April 15 and include all real and personal property of public service companies. Motor Carriers must file an annual report of all rolling stock owned or operated in Virginia by March 1. 

This division also collects various taxes and fees on the companies it assesses. More information and descriptions can be found on the Taxes & Fees page.


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