File a Complaint

What type of a complaint do you have? There is no charge to you for submitting a complaint. The complaint process is different depending on the type of business or entity.

Financial Institutions (Includes Banks, Lenders and Credit Unions)

Learn about how the Bureau of Financial Institutions may assist you with filing a complaint, provide an explanation of the complaint process, and offer some general complaint guidelines.

Securities and Retail Franchising

You may feel like you were a victim of a scam or that someone may be violating the Virginia Securities Act or the Virginia Retail Franchising Act. We want to hear from you. We will review the issues you raise to determine if it is within our authority to conduct an investigation, and if there are any violations of the Virginia Securities Act or the Virginia Retail Franchising Act. There is no charge for submitting a complaint.

Consumer Complaint Guidance

  • Consumers may submit complaints about entities and individuals who are subject to regulation or supervision by the Commission.
  • Consumers are encouraged to first work with the licensed company or individual before filing a complaint.
  • It is important to remember that SCC staff may not act as the complainant's attorney. And, SCC staff does not have the power to adjudicate complaints. If a dispute turns on facts that do not involve a regulated entity's violation of a specific law or regulation (such as a matter concerning internal policies or guidelines), the complainant will be advised about other ways to pursue the complaint, including referral to another state or federal authority that may have jurisdiction, consulting with a private attorney, and/or initiating a formal proceeding in the proper court of competent jurisdiction.