Cases For Public Comment

Commission orders often include a provision for inviting the public to comment on a specific issue, especially when the outcome of the decision may have broad impact on the citizens and businesses of Virginia.


  • All submitted comments will be retained by the Document Control Center of the Office of the Clerk of the Commission. A copy of the information you submit will also be provided to the applicant.
  • Electronic submissions in this forum are restricted. Legal filings from applicants, defendants, petitioners, and respondents must be delivered, with the requisite number of copies and format, in the manner prescribed in the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure. These parties may opt to take advantage of Electronic Document Filing with the Commission.
  • For additional information on these and other cases before the Commission, you may wish to access DocketSearch.
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Cases currently accepting public comments

Case Number Title (Link to Order of Notice and Hearing) Submit Comments Comment Deadline
PUR-2020-00009 Application of Data Stream Telecom of Virginia, Inc. to provide local exchange telecommunications services Submit Comments 5/29/2020
PUR-2019-00203 Application of Insight Sourcing Group, LLC for a license as an electricity and natural gas aggregator Submit Comments 5/29/2020
INS-2020-00074 SCC Ex Parte: In the matter of Adopting Revisions to the Rules Governing Credit for Reinsurance Submit Comments 6/1/2020
PUR-2020-00062 Application of Grid Power Direct LLC to become a competitive service provider of electricity Submit Comments 6/1/2020
PUR-2020-00048 SCC Ex Parte: Temporary of Suspension of Utility Service Disconnections Submit Comments 6/5/2020
PUR-2019-00207 Application of Virginia Natural Gas, Inc. for natural gas facilities: the Header Improvement Project and for approval of Rate Schedules and Terms and Conditions for Pipeline Transportation Service Submit Comments 6/8/2020
SEC-2020-00022 SCC Ex Parte: In the Matter of Adopting a Revision to the Rules Governing the Virginia Securities Act Submit Comments 6/8/2020
PUR-2020-00003 Petition of Dominion Energy Virginia for revision of rate adjustment clause: Rider E, for the recovery of costs incurred to comply with state and federal environmental regulations Submit Comments 6/9/2020
PUR-2020-00022 SCC Ex Parte: In the matter of adopting new rules of the State Corporation Commission governing utility rate applications by investor-owned electric utilities Submit Comments 6/9/2020
PUR-2020-00084 Application of Dominion Energy Virginia for approval of a rate adjustment clause Rider T1 Submit Comments 6/16/2020
PUR-2020-00051 SCC Ex Parte: Electrification of Motor Vehicles Submit Comments 6/23/2020
PUR-2020-00078 Application of Appalachian Natural Gas Distribution Co. for approval to implement SAVE rates for each customer class for Year 2 of its SAVE Plan Submit Comments 6/24/2020
PUR-2019-00215 Application of Dominion Energy Virginia for approval and certification of electric transmission facilities: Lockridge 230 kV Line Loop and Lockridge Substation Submit Comments 7/21/2020
PUR-2019-00218 Application of Toll Road Investors Partnership II, L.P. for an increase in the maximum level of tolls Submit Comments 8/24/2020
PUR-2020-00023 Petition of the Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives for a rulemaking to amend the Commission's Streamlined Rate Case Rules for Electric Cooperatives Submit Comments 9/7/2020
PUR-2020-00015 Application of Appalachian Power Company for a 2020 triennial review of its base rates, terms and conditions Submit Comments 9/8/2020
PUR-2020-00039 Application of Massanutton Public Service Corporation for an expedited increase in water and sewer rates Submit Comments 9/30/2020
PUR-2020-00035 Dominion Energy Virginia's Integrated Resource Plan Submit Comments 10/20/2020