Exemptions for Certain Classes of Insurance

Administrative Orders Exempting Forms for Certain Classes of Insurance Pursuant to § 38.2-317 of the Code of Virginia

§ 38.2-317 Administrative Orders (AO) Exemption Table
Exempt Classes AO Number
Crop Insurance 11758
Excess Commercial Fire 11617
Highly Protected Risks 11317
Inland Marine (Commercial – Certain Classes) 9078
Manuscript Endorsements 11936
Watercraft 26’ or More (Private Pleasure) 9720

Administrative Orders Exempting Rates and Supplemental Rating Information for Certain Classes of Insurance Pursuant to § 38.2-1903 of the Code of Virginia

§ 38.2-1903 Administrative Orders (AO) Exemption Table
Exempt Classes AO Number
Architects Professional Liability 11248
Boiler and Machinery with $50,000 or Greater Annual Deposit Premium 7236
Business Credit Insurance 11348
Commercial Liability (“A” Rates - Certain Types and Classes) 11888
Crop Insurance 11758
Directors and Officers Liability 11249
Employment Practices Liability 11167
Engineers Professional Liability 11248
Environmental Impairment Liability, Including Underground Storage Tanks 11248
Excess Personal and Commercial Liability, Including Excess Automobile Liability Insurance and Excess Liability Contracts Classified as Miscellaneous Casualty Insurance, When the Described Minimum Underlying Limits and/or Retentions Are Required 11647
Excess Crime 11925
Excess Fidelity 11925
Excess Fire Insurance (Commercial) 11616
Excess of Loss Fire & Other Perils (Insured’s Retention Over $100,000) 6844
Fiduciary Liability 11249
Highly Protected Risks That Meet Certain Criteria 8301
Inland Marine (Commercial Only Limited to Certain Classes) 9079
Kidnap, Ransom, and Extortion Insurance for Certain Commercial Business Entities 11821
Large Commercial Risk Exemption (Limited to Auto Liability, Auto Physical Damage, and General Liability) 10210
Liquor Liability Insurance 11397
Manuscript Endorsements 11936
Medical and Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials Testing 11249
Mortgage Pool (Mortgage Guaranty) 8497
Municipal Bond Insurance as Credit Insurance 11733
Nuclear Energy Property Insurance (Physical Damage) 8873
Nuclear Energy Liability 6855
Pollution Coverage Offered in Connection with Ordinance and Law Coverage (Order Interpreted to Include this Line) 11248
Private Flood Insurance 12077
Public Event Cancellation Insurance (Does Not Include Event Cancellation Insurance for Personal or Private Events) 11644
Surety Insurance as Defined In § 38.2-121 11761
Technology Liability Insurance 11508
Virginia Property Insurance Association (Excess Over Basic Property) 6847
Watercraft 26’ or More (Private Pleasure) 9721
Year 2000 Related Computer and Other Electronic Problems (Commercial) 11293