Virginia Limited Partnerships

This page lists the filings that you may need during the lifecycle of your Virginia Limited Partnership. We encourage you to file online to save time and prevent processing errors.
  I want to... Fee Filing Method
Before You Form Reserve or Renew a Business Name (SCC631) $10 File Online or Download Form
Transfer a Reserved Business Name $10 File Online
Start a New Business Form a new Limited Partnership (LPA73.11) $100 File Online or Download Form
LPA73.11-DOC or LPA73.11-PDF
Restart Your Business Reinstate your business (LPA73.52:7P) $100 + unpaid fees File Online or
Request a Packet
Maintain Your Registered Agent and Registered Office Update your Registered Office Address or Change your Registered Agent (LPA73.5) No Fee File Online or
Request a Form
Resign as Registered Agent (LPA73.6) No Fee File Online or Download Form
LPA73.6-DOC or LPA73.6-PDF
Update Your Business Amend Certificate of Limited Partnership to update specific information (LPA73.12) $25 File Online or Download Form
LPA73.12-DOC or LPA73.12-PDF
Amend and Restate a Limited Partnership that was previously filed in the local court
Note: Only for businesses formed prior to Jan. 1, 1987
$100 File Online or Download Form
LPA7377-DOC or LPA7377-PDF
Convert or Merge Your Business Convert your Virginia or Foreign Partnership to a Virginia Limited Partnership (LPA73.11:3) $100 File Online or Download Form
LPA73.11:3-DOC or LPA73.11:3-PDF
Convert your Virginia Limited Partnership to another eligible business type Varies by business type File & Attach Online. Download guidelines LLC1085-DOC to convert to a Virginia LLC.
Merge your Virginia Limited Partnership with another eligible business $25 File & Attach Online.
Or create your own articles; we do not have a guide available.
Close Your Business Cancel your business (LPA73.52:4) $25 File Online or Download Form
LPA73.52:4-DOC or LPA73.52:4-PDF