Conversion of Business Entity Type

A change of the business entity type, also called business entity conversion, is the process of converting your current business entity into another business entity, without having to form a new entity or dissolve your current entity. The Commonwealth of Virginia allows conversions for the following entity types:

Limited Liability Company Stock Corporation
Limited Liability Company Business Trust
Stock Corporation Limited Liability Company
Nonstock Corporation Limited Liability Company
General Partnership Limited Liability Company
Limited Partnership Limited Liability Company
Business Trust Stock Corporation

Creating Articles of Entity Conversion

The articles must be in the English language, typewritten or legibly printed in black, using the following guidelines:

  • use solid white paper
  • size 8 1/2" x 11"
  • one-sided
  • no visible watermarks or background logos
  • minimum 1.25" top margin and 0.75” all other sides

We have produced guides to help you prepare the articles of entity conversion. You must prepare your articles as a separate document, using the forms below as a guide only, inserting appropriate information and omitting all inapplicable text (like the header, seal of the Commission, and the italicized portions). NOTE: A marked-up version of this guide will not be accepted.

Guide of Articles of Entity Conversion (Virginia limited liability company converting to a Virginia stock corporation) LLC1085-CORP-DOC
Guide for Articles of Entity Conversion (Virginia stock corporation converting to a Virginia limited liability company) SCC722.12-LLC-DOC

Articles of Organizations, Formation or Trust for the Converted Entity

Articles of Organization, Incorporation, or Trust for the converted entity must also be prepared as part of the business entity conversion. The forms for these filings can be found below:

Articles of Organization of a Virginia Limited Liability Company
Articles of Incorporation of a Virginia Stock Corporation
Articles of Incorporation of a Virginia Nonstock Corporation SCC819-DOC
Articles of Trust of a Domestic Business Trust BTA1212-DOC

Filing your Entity Conversion

Once you've prepared your Articles of Entity Conversion and the Articles of Organization, Incorporation or Trust for the converted entity, it's time to file with the Clerk's Office. 

Filing online is the most efficient way to do business with the Clerk's Office. Visit the Clerk's Information System (CIS) to file articles of entity conversion in real time. You can also view the CIS Help Page for how-to guides, answers to frequently asked questions, and helpful videos.