Professional LLC FAQs

Professional Limited Liability Companies (PLLC) provide specific services outlined in the Code of Virginia. Typically, these services require a license, certification, or other legal authorization. Only businesses who provide these types of professional service can set up an PLLC. In most cases, these types businesses may choose to establish an PLLC or an LLC.

Seek advice from an expert to help you decide which type is best for your business.

The Code of Virginia outlines specific types of professional services. These include:

  • architects

  • attorneys at law

  • audiologists

  • certified interior designers

  • certified public accountants

  • clinical nurse specialists

  • dentists

  • insurance consultants

  • land surveyors

  • landscape architects

  • nurse practitioners

  • optometrists

  • pharmacists

  • physical therapists and physical therapist assistants

  • practitioners of the behavioral science professions

  • practitioners of the healing arts

  • professional engineers

  • public accountants

  • speech pathologists

  • surgeons

  • veterinarians

Setting up your PLLC is fast and easy when you file online. When you use this recommended process,  you simply fill in the blanks. The online tool creates Articles of Organization - Professional for you.  To get started, collect the following information: Business Name, Business Purpose, Principal Office, Registered Agent’s Name and Office Address.
  • Business Name has two requirements:

    • It must be unique. Use Name Availability Check to confirm your business name is unique. 

    • It must include limited liability company, limited company or an abbreviation. If using a professional designation, it must be at the end of the name. Professional designations include:  "P.L.C.," "PLC," "P.L.L.C." or "PLLC," or the phrase "professional limited company," "a professional limited company," "professional limited liability company," or "a professional limited liability company,". .

  • Business Purpose communicates the services your business will provide.

  • Principal Office Address is the street address of the business’ executive office.

  • Registered Agent’s Name is the individual or business that accepts official paperwork such as service of process (lawsuits) and annual registration fee notices.

  • Registered Agent’s Qualification/Capacity describes how the agent meets Virginia’s requirements.

  • Registered Agent Office Address is the street address of the agent’s Virginia business office.

Professional Articles of Organization may also be created using a by paper form.

Learn more by visiting Business Entity Names and Registered Agent and Office Addresses FAQs.
Be specific to the type of service your business will provide. For example, to render the professional services of practitioners of the behavioral science professions who are licensed in the practice of  marriage and family therapy.

The SCC will reject if the statement is vague.
It depends on what type of service you provide. Only qualified services are allowed to file as a professional. See “What types of services qualify as professional?”.

You are not required to provide proof such as a copy of your license to the SCC.