The domestication process changes where a business resides.  When a business domesticates it must follow the laws of the new governing state.
Virginia allows the following business entity types to domesticate: 
  • corporations,
  • limited liability companies and
  • business trusts.
Domestication can occur from foreign to Virginia and Virginia to foreign if allowed by the other jurisdiction. 
You will need to file Articles of Domestication. If you have a foreign business, you may need additional documents. To learn more, visit Foreign to Virginia Domestications.  

Make it easy by submitting forms online. To file by paper, download guides and forms from the Domestication Forms and Fees page.

See the Domestication Forms and Fees page for filing fee.
Seek advice from an expert to understand legal and financial consequences. The SCC cannot provide legal or financial advice.
No. You may conduct business as an authorized foreign entity. For additional information, see foreign registration documents.  
The qualification date will change when a foreign business moves to Virginia. It does not change when a Virginia business moves to another state.