Limited Liability Company FAQs

Setting up your LLC is fast and easy when you file online. When you use this recommended process,  you simply fill in the blanks. The online tool creates Articles of Organization for you.  To get started, collect the following information:  Business Name, Principal Office, Registered Agent’s Name and Office Address.
  • Business Name has two requirements:

    • It must be unique. Use Name Availability Check to confirm your business name is unique.  

    • It must include limited liability company, limited company or an abbreviation.  

  • Principal Office Address is the street address of the business’ executive office.

  • Registered Agent’s Name is the individual or business that accepts official paperwork such as service of process (lawsuits) and annual registration fee notices.

  • Registered Agent’s Qualification/Capacity describes how the agent meets Virginia’s requirements.

  • Registered Agent Office Address is the street address of the agent’s Virginia business office.

You may also submit Articles of Organization using the paper form
Learn more by visiting Business Entity Names and Registered Agent and Office Addresses FAQs.
Yes, you can attach your Articles of Organization using the online process. You will get a faster approved from the SCC by not attaching. Expect a delay of five business days.  This allows the SCC to review an attachment. Also, do not attach additional documents such as operating agreements or financial records.

Keep in mind the attached articles of organization must match what you entered online. Save yourself time by double checking before checking out.
A general LLC is the most common type. A Professional LLC is for businesses who provide services such as:
  • legal
  • accounting
  • architectural
  • design
  • engineering and
  • medical.  
Any organizer can submit this filing. You may also have more than one organizer sign the document.
It depends on how and what you submitted.
  • Filed online without an attachment:  You will receive a receipt email and an acceptance email after you check out.

  • Filed online with an attachment or name review required: The SCC must review business names with restricted words and/or attachments. First, you will receive an email acknowledgment and a payment receipt after checking out. Then, you will receive an acceptance email after the SCC approves.

  • Filed by paper: The SCC will send an acceptance letter after the SCC approves your document.

Start with the How-to Form a Virginia Limited Liability Company guide.  This guide will help you create your Article of Organization online. Check out the CIS Help page for other online help resources.
The Top 5 reasons the SCC rejects Articles of Organization include:
  1. Discrepancies.  To avoid this error when filing online, only upload attachments if you must. If you must, then review each entry to make sure it matches exactly to the uploaded articles, including business name casing and punctuation.

  2. Entity Name error. To avoid this error, perform a name check when filing by paper.

  3. Incorrect form. To avoid this error, use this form for General LLCs only.

  4. Uploading additional documents. To avoid this error, only upload Articles of Organization.

  5. Missing information. To avoid this error, make sure you complete every required field. When providing an address make sure it’s a complete address.

You will receive a notice if the SCC rejects your document. The notice will explain why the SCC rejected it, how to correct it and how to re-submit it.   
You’ll need to consult with an expert to determine other requirements. For example, you may need an EIN that the IRS will provide. Visit our list of resources to begin your search.  
You need to register your LLC before you can establish a fictitious name. If you already have a fictitious name, you will need to re-register the fictitious name and attach it to the LLC. Use the How-to File a Fictitious Name Certificate guide for step-by-step directions.
The Industry Code describes the type of business you are conducting. For general LLCs, the options are General; Insurance Agency, Mortgage Company, or Church or Religion Denomination.   Most LLCs are General.  If you are unsure, select general.
A member is an owner in the LLC whereas a manager is an individual, group or entity chosen by the LLC members to manage the day-to-day operations. The SCC does not keep a record of members or managers. Contact the LLC for a list of their members and managers .