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A Community-Based Continuing Care (CBCC) is a program that provides a range of services in the individual's private residence as long as medically feasible and the provision of facility-based long-term care services when required, either directly or indirectly through affiliated services or through contractual arrangements. Residents sign an agreement with the community-based continuing care provider and pay an entrance fee.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a facility that provides board, lodging and nursing services to individuals. Residents sign an agreement with the continuing care provider and pay an entrance fee. If you have questions or are experiencing a problem with a provider, we are here to help. Open the complaint form below for more information on how to contact us. 

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The Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (VICAP) is a free, unbiased, confidential counseling program that offers health insurance information, education, and assistance to seniors and adults with disabilities (and their families) in understanding Medicare and making decisions about prescription drug plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare supplemental insurance or long term care insurance. Certified counselors can also help with Medicare denials and appeals and assist with applications for low-income subsidies. The Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services and the Bureau of Insurance have worked closely together to develop this insurance counseling program in Virginia.

How can I reach VICAP?

Call or write to:
DARS Virginia Division for the Aging
1610 Forest Avenue, Suite 100
Richmond, Virginia 23229
Toll-Free: 1-800-552-3402 (Nationwide Voice/TTY)
Phone: (804) 662-9333
Fax: (804) 662-9354
VICAP Website 

State Corporation Commission-Bureau of Insurance
Attn: Marly Santoro
P.O. Box 1157
Richmond, VA 23218

Toll Free: 1-877-310-6560
Local (Richmond): 804-371-9092

If you wish to contact Insurance Outreach Coordinator Marly Santoro directly, please call 804-371-9389 or email