A number of factors play into participation in a competitive energy supply market.

Certain rules must be in place to ensure a level playing field for incumbent utilities, competitive suppliers, aggregators, and merchant generation suppliers. It is the responsibility of the State Corporation Commission to develop rules by which all providers will abide in providing energy services to the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as other factors that impact the competitive marketplace.

These rules can be found in the Virginia Register of Regulations, the official publication of the Virginia Administrative Code (VAC). The VAC also maintains an internet record of regulations (updated semi-annually). Rules referred to on this site may be accessed in portable document format (PDF) until they are made available through the VAC site.

Application for Licensure

Suppliers and aggregators must be licensed by the State Corporation Commission. To apply for licensure, submit an application in accordance with Commission rules as described below.

To further assist with the efficient handling of applications, a courtesy copy of the application for licensure should be submitted to:

Director, Utility Accounting & Finance
Virginia State Corporation Commission
P. O. Box 1197 Richmond, VA 23218

Questions about the licensure process may be addressed to the Commission's Division of Utility Accounting & Finance at 804-371-9950.

Other Factors

Aside from establishing rules by which competitive service providers and aggregators operate, the Commission has implemented or is studying procedures designed to facilitate functional separation, regional transmission entities, energy metering and billing, rates and contracts, and independent merchant generation plants.