Losing Medicaid Coverage?

Virginia is currently reviewing members’ Medicaid health coverage to make sure they still qualify. If you no longer qualify for Medicaid health coverage, you will be notified. To make sure you receive all notices, members need to provide up-to-date mailing addresses and phone numbers. Members can make updates:

Virginians who do not qualify for health coverage through Medicaid may be able to get financial help to lower the cost of private health insurance and sign up for coverage through a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) on marketplace.virginia.gov. The SEP is available until December 31, 2024. Consumers will have 60 days to enroll from the time they complete their application.

Did you know... nearly 9 out of 10 consumers will be able to find health care coverage for $10 or less per month after subsidies? You can compare plans and pricing and find out how much financial help you may qualify to receive at Virginia's Insurance Marketplace.

Were you disenrolled from Medicaid and now need commercial coverage?

Are you a health care provider needing information about a patient’s Medicaid eligibility?

  • Contact the patient’s most recent Medicaid health plan or Cover Virginia at coverva.dmas.virginia.gov or call 1-855-242-8282.

Be Aware! If you are contacted to purchase coverage, make sure the services and coverage meet you and your families’ needs BEFORE signing up for any plan. Learn more about various offerings.

Do you want to verify if an insurance agent is licensed in Virginia?

  • Visit our website scc.virginia.gov/pages/insurance or contact the Bureau’s Life & Health Consumer Services section in Richmond at 804-371-9741 or toll-free at 1-877-310-6560.