Education & Training

In order to provide uniform and effective education and training relative to the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act, and the Commission Rules for Enforcement of the Act, the Division of Utility and Railroad Safety has established a statewide Education Executive Committee. The Committee is comprised of seven members representing excavators, utility operators, locators, the notification center and the Commission Staff. Every year the Committee reviews the results of the educational efforts and recommends an education and training plan for the next year. Education plans have included:

  • Radio, television, newspaper, trade magazine, high school athletic sporting event, homeowner association, and billboard advertisements to encourage excavators to "Dig with C.A.R.E." in Virginia;
  • Encouragement for utilities to include the C.A.R.E. message in their bill inserts, newsletters and other publications;
  • Creation of the Miss Utility of Virginia website;
  • Distribution of C.A.R.E. educational materials;
  • Placement of C.A.R.E. stickers on operator, excavator and locator's vehicles and excavation equipment;
  • Attendance at and distribution of educational materials at contractor and construction trade shows, fairs, etc.
  • Establishment of Local Damage Prevention Committees ("LDPC") to hold regular meetings around the Commonwealth to discuss specific issues and concerns of the area;
  • Providing training at the LDPC's meetings;
  • Creation of training modules on subjects such as safe digging practices, understanding marking of utility lines, understanding the Act and the Commission's Rules;
  • General outreach programs.

In addition to these efforts, the Division has three full-time damage prevention trainers that travel to offices, construction sites and other locations to provide training to stakeholders at no cost. The Division's trainers have educated thousands to date. Should you wish to receive training relative to the law, the Miss Utility process, or the Commission's damage prevention program, please call Tracey Lamb at (804) 371-1588.



C.A.R.E. Art

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