Broker-Dealer and Agent Registration

The Registration section is charged with administering the registration provisions of the Virginia Securities Act (“Act”), and it’s promulgated Rules. The goal of the Act is to protect the investing public by requiring all broker-dealers, agents, investment advisors, and investment advisor representatives to register before conducting business in the state of Virginia. The registration provisions of the Act require that each applicant submit relevant information to ensure that individuals and firms dealing with Virginia investors meet a high standard of conduct, have passed required securities examinations, and are financially solvent. In addition to registration, registrants must continuously update their records as changes occur.

Who Must Register?

Any person engaged in the business of selling any type of security for the account of others or for his/her own account, and any person advising others as to the value of securities and charging a fee, is required to register. Every entity that performs such duties in the Commonwealth must register unless exempted from registration by the Act.

Broker-Dealer and Agent Registration Instructions

FAQs - Broker-Dealer and Agent Registration