Annual Reports

The State Corporation Commission publishes a report each year that contains information on cases heard and activities undertaken by its various divisions. The Annual Report of the State Corporation Commission is available for public review at the Commission's Richmond headquarters at 1300 East Main Street. Copies of the SCC Annual Report are also submitted to the Library of Virginia.

Statistical Information

The table below contains links to statistical information regarding the activities of the regulatory divisions of the SCC.

Division 2020 2019 2018
Bureau of Insurance 2020BOI 2019BOI 2018BOI
Health Benefit Exchange 2020HBE  -   - 
Bureau of Financial Institutions 2020BFI 2019BFI 2018BFI
Division of Securities & Retail Franchising 2020SRF 2019SRF 2018SRF
Office of the Clerk 2020CLK 2019CLK 2018CLK
Division of Public Utility Regulation 2020PUR 2019PUR 2018PUR
Division of Public Service Taxation 2020PST 2019PST 2018PST
Division of Utility Accounting & Finance 2020UAF 2019UAF 2018UAF
Division of Utility & Railroad Safety 2020URS 2019URS 2018URS