Commission Authority

The State Corporation Commission is an independent state agency established by the Constitution of Virginia. The General Assembly, through the legislative process, imparts responsibilities upon the Commission. Additionally, the Commission is authorized to issue its own rules and regulations to help it carry out its statutory responsibilities.

The following titles of the Code of Virginia are pertinent to the State Corporation Commission:

  • Title 8.9A – Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Financing Statements
  • Title 12.1 - SCC Generally
  • Title 13.1 - Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Business Trusts/Securities/Franchising
  • Title 50 - Partnerships
  • Title 6.2 - Financial Institutions and Services
  • Title 38.2 - Insurance
  • Title 55.1 – Real Estate Settlement Agents; Federal Tax Liens; Energy Submetering
  • Title 56 - Public Service Companies (telephone, electric, natural gas, water, railroad)
  • Title 58.1 - Public Service Taxation

The following titles of the Virginia Administrative Code contain State Corporation Commission regulations: