Accelerated Renewable Energy Buyers

Certain commercial and industrial customers of Appalachian Power Company and Dominion Energy Virginia are permitted to be certified as Accelerated Renewable Energy Buyers (ARBs). As a certified ARB, the customer may be exempt from paying all or a portion of certain charges that are assessed by the electric utility related to new solar or onshore wind, energy or environmental attributes, or energy storage facilities.

This exemption is based on the amount of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or renewable energy obtained by the customer pursuant to the customer's arrangements or contracts in proportion to the customer’s total electric energy consumption on an annual basis. Certification is for one year. Customers certified as ARBs shall be fully or partially exempt from the applicable charges for one year starting June 1 through and concluding the following May 31.

To receive full or partial exemption from the applicable charges, potential ARBs must certify annually either through the Commission or directly with their respective electric utility: Appalachian Power Company or Dominion Energy Virginia.

To seek ARB certification from the Commission, download the Accelerated Renewable Energy Buyer form and follow provided instructions.

The completed form and supporting documentation may be submitted in writing to the director of the Commission's Division of Public Utility Regulation or electronically to

Historical References:

2020 Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA)

The 2020 Acts of Assembly – Chapter 1193, known as the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), among other things:

  • adopts a mandatory Renewable Energy Portfolio (RPS) program for certain electric utilities in Code § 56-585.5,
  • establishes that costs incurred related to RPS compliance shall be recovered through non-bypassable charges assessed to the utility's customers in Code § 56-585.5 F.,
  • directs that ARBs may contract with the utility, or persons other than the utility, to obtain RECs or bundled capacity, energy and RECs from certain facilities and are exempt, in part or in full, from certain costs related to RPS compliance in Code § 56-585.5 G. 1., and
  • directs that each applicable utility shall verify as necessary that ARBs have satisfied the exemption requirements or, in the alternative, that a potential ARB may choose to seek certification directly from the Commission in Code § 56-585.5 G. 2.

Commission Case No. PUR-2021-00089

– in the matter of establishing rules and regulations related to accelerated renewable energy buyers