A Real Estate Settlement Agent (RESA) is an individual or business that provides escrow, closing, or settlement services for real estate transactions. Registered agents and agencies are both considered Real Estate Settlement Agents.

If your RESA registration is withdrawn or terminated for any reason you are required to submit a close out audit. The audit must be completed in addition to any audits conducted by your underwriter.

Annual Escrow Audit

An escrow account audit (analysis) must be performed every 12 months beginning a year after your initial RESA registration. Each annual audit must be performed during the month in which you registered. The analysis may be performed by either an independent CPA or an appointed company. If completed by a CPA, you must email the analysis within 60 days of completion to RESA@scc.virginia.gov; if performed by a title insurance company, it is the company’s responsibility to submit it within 60 days to the Analysis Submission Portal.

Biennial Renewal

Real Estate Settlement Agents are required to renew their registration every 24 months after their initial registration. Renewal applications can only be submitted within 90 days of your renewal due date. Submit your renewal application via Sircon.

Step 1

Apply for a Virginia Title Insurance Agent or Agency license. 

Step 2

Obtain an appointment with an insurer in Virginia.

Step 3

Secure each of the following insurance coverages. On the RESA application you must attest that you have and will keep the following for as long as you are a Real Estate Settlement Agent:

  • An Errors and Omissions insurance policy (E&O) or Malpractice policy with a limit of at least $250,000
  • A Blanket Fidelity Bond or Employee Dishonesty insurance policy in the amount of at least $100,000 per occurrence or claim. Settlement agents with no employees except the owners, partners, shareholders, or members may request a waiver of this requirement on their RESA application or submit the Waiver Form later.

Step 4

Purchase a Surety Bond in the amount of $200,000 from an authorized surety company. The surety company must use the official Surety Bond Form.

Step 5

Register as a Real Estate Settlement Agent via Sircon. On Sircon, the application is referred to as a Title Settlement Agency/Agent application. The nonrefundable application fee is $15 for an agency and $15 for an agent.

Note: Agencies must register their business with the Clerk’s Office of the Virginia SCC before submitting their RESA application.

Step 6

Mail the original Surety Bond to the following address:

Standard delivery:
Bureau of Insurance
Attn: RESA Section
P.O. Box 1157
Richmond, VA 23218

Overnight delivery:
Bureau of Insurance
Attn: RESA Section
Tyler Building
1300 East Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Step 1

Email RESA@scc.virginia.gov 60 days before ceasing operations. Include your name and insurance license number in the email. The 60-day notification does not end your RESA registration.

Step 2

Request to withdraw your RESA registration.

  • You have two options to withdraw your registration:
    • To only withdraw your RESA registration, send a withdraw request by email, RESA@scc.virginia.gov or fax, 804-371-5661.
      • Agents: Include the agent’s full name, the agent’s signature, and the agent’s Virginia insurance license number.
      • Agencies: Include a signature from an officer of the agency, the agency’s full name, and the agency’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Virginia insurance agency license number.
    • Withdraw your title insurance license. Note: Withdrawal of your title insurance license results in the automatic withdrawal of your RESA registration. Send the Agent License Cancellation Form or Agency License Cancellation Form to AgentLicensing@scc.virginia.gov.

Renew RESA/Title Settlement Agent Registration

Agent Registration Renewals

Renewal dates for Title Settlement Agent registration and Producer Title Licenses are based on birth month and odd/even year of birth. The renewal fee is $10 for title settlement agent and $10 for the producer title license.

Agency Registration Renewals

RESA/Title Settlement Agency registration renewals are due May 1 of every odd year. A Title Settlement Agency must also renew the Producer Title license on or before May 1 of every odd year. The renewal fee is $10 for title settlement agency and $10 for the producer title license. Non-resident agents need to review renewal instructions

Failure to renew your Title Settlement Agent registration on or before the expiration date will result in automatic termination and require you to re-register as a Title Settlement Agent. 

Confirmation notices are not available for printing via Sircon. The Bureau will mail a renewal confirmation notice to the address on record within 15 business days.

Submit RESA renewal questions to RESA@scc.virginia.gov