Rate and Price Information for Certificated Communications Companies

The data provided here is for information purposes only and does not constitute official Commission documents.

Certificated telephone companies may offer services through tariff filings which are public documents, and are available for review by visiting the Division of Public Utility Regulation located on the 4th floor at the SCC’s headquarters at 1300 East Main Street in downtown Richmond.

As of July 1, 2011, in accordance with subsections 56-236 B and C of the Code of Virginia, telephone companies began offering certain retail services without tariffs on file with the Commission, i.e., on a “non-tariffed” basis. Some telephone companies may have non-tariffed services or price guides available on their web sites (See links below). A customer should contact the telephone company regarding the availability and prices of its non-tariffed service offerings. Telephone companies must continue to offer non-retail services, such as access services, through tariff filings on file with the Commission.

Tariff Filings

Tariff/Rate/Price Links

You may view the tariffs and non-tariffed documents of certain companies through their web sites. The Commission provides these links only as a convenience and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information therein. Each of the links below is an external link and will take you off the SCC website.