Create an Account

Visit to the Clerk's Information System (CIS) and create your account today! If you are seeing the error message, "Experian was not able to verify the name and home address combination," please visit our support page for troubleshooting tips and to contact the Clerk's office for resolution.

The Clerk’s Information System or CIS is a new tool that makes it faster and easier to do business in Virginia and interact with the State Corporation Commission. CIS replaces SCC eFile.

To use CIS, all businesses need to register for a new system account. This video will walk you through registering and accessing the system for the first time.

To get started, let’s navigate to CIS at

The CIS homepage provides general business search capability, helpful links, and a place where businesses can log in to perform specific activities. Click the green register button to get started creating your new account.
Once you click the register button, CIS asks for your name, address, and email information. It is important here to follow the instructions thoroughly so that our third party partner can validate your identity and approve your new account. When you get to the section asking for your home address, be sure to enter the address where you live, not the address for your business.

You may experience an error in this section if you have recently moved or accidentally entered a work address. If that is the case, please check our frequently asked questions for help trouble shooting. As a final step, you will need to create your own user name and password for the system. This password must be secure, and include 8 characters, including a capital letter and a special character. When all this information is complete, click submit.

Now that you have an account, you will have access to an online dashboard. Initially, this dashboard will be empty.  You will need to complete a business transaction that requires a PIN, such as filing an amendment or annual report with changes to link your dashboard to your business. Once you do that, all online business transactions completed after December 2019 will be available on your dashboard including online payments and other correspondence. 

For more help or information about what you can do in CIS, visit our help pages from the right hand navigation.