Annual Vacations and Holidays

Annual Leave accrual is based on years of continuous state service and is recorded at the end of each semi-monthly pay period. A maximum amount of accumulated leave may be carried over at the end of the benefit year, defined as January 10th to January 9th. Subject to the manager's approval, employees may use annual leave incrementally as soon as it is earned. The following chart explains the accrual rate and maximum carryover of hours for full-time employees.

Years of Service Accrual Rate
per Pay Period
Total Hours
Per Year
Maximum Carryover
Less than 5 4 hours 96 hours (12 days) 192 hours (24 days)
5 5 hours 120 hours (15 days) 240 hours (30 days)
10 6 hours 144 hours (18 days) 288 hours (36 days)
15 7 hours 168 hours (21 days) 336 hours (42 days)
20 8 hours 192 hours (24 days) 384 hours (48 days)
25 9 hours 216 hours (27 days) 432 hours (54 days)

Paid Holidays

There are 13 State Paid Holidays:
New Year's Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
George Washington's Birthday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Election Day
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving (2 days)
Christmas Day

Virginia Sickness and Disability Program

The Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) provides you with income continuation if you become unable to perform your normal job duties because of an illness or injury. Eligible employees receive sick leave, family and personal leave, and short and long-term disability benefits. The program provides up to ten days of sick leave and up to five days of family and personal leave per year, based on the employee's length of service (with no carry-over from year to year) and up to 125 workdays of short-term disability coverage. The number of days of income continuation depends on the employee's length of state service at the time of disability.

Family and Medical Leave Act

Eligible employees are provided with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave due to the birth of a child, or for adoption or foster care of a child, or to provide care for a family member (child, spouse, or parent) with a serious health condition, or because the employee's own serious health condition makes him or her unable to do his or her job. In some cases, employees may be able to use their paid-time-off to receive pay during these periods.

Parental Leave

Eligible employees may receive up to eight (8) weeks (320 hours) of paid parental leave to be used within six (6) months of the birth of an infant(s) or adoptive, foster, or custodial placement for a child(ren) under the age of eighteen (18). Employees may request continuous or intermittent parental leave. Parental leave is designated as FMLA leave and runs concurrent with the FMLA leave period.

Volunteer Leave

Annually, employees may be granted up to 16 hours of paid leave to provide volunteer services throughout the year for eligible non-profit organizations. Volunteer leave may be used for providing volunteer services to non-profit organizations or any public or private grade school.