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SCC Guidelines for Case eFiling Document Submission

Authorization to File Electronically
  1. In order to submit an electronic document of 100 pages or less, the filer must complete a submission form available only on the SCC's web site at:
  2. Electronic submission of a document by an authorized filer is a matter of convenience. Authorized filers are encouraged but not required to participate.
  3. All required information fields on the form must be completed in order for a document to be sent electronically.
  4. The submission form must contain the following information: Case Number (if already assigned); Case Name (if known); Document Type; Document Description Summary (describing content of document); Total Number of Pages.
  5. The person who signed the document must be identified as the filer regardless of who actually submits the filing on behalf of the filer.
  6. The submission must be a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. The electronic document file must be capable of being printed as a paper document without loss of content or appearance for inclusion in the official case file.
  7. A document must be submitted as one electronic file. The submission cannot exceed 100 pages 8 ½ by 11 inches in dimension. Submissions filed electronically are exempt from the copy requirements of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.
  8. Submissions filed electronically that otherwise would incorporate large exhibits impractical for conversion to electronic format must be identified in the filing and include a statement that the exhibit was filed in hardcopy and is available for viewing at the Commission or a copy may be obtained from the filing party. Each such exhibit must be filed in an original and 15 copies.
  9. Electronic filings may be submitted at any time and will be deemed filed on the date and at the time the electronic document is received by the SCC's database; provided, that if a document is received when the Clerk's Office is not open for public business, the document shall be deemed filed on the next regular business day. A filer will receive an electronic notification identifying the date and time the document is received by the SCC's database. An electronic document may be rejected if it is not submitted in compliance with these rules.
  10. All electronic documents will be scanned for computer viruses prior to processing. Any document found to contain a virus will not be accepted for processing.
  11. An electronic submission will be accepted by the Document Control Center (DCC) only if properly identified and it complies with all formatting requirements. Documents successfully submitted electronically to the Commission will result in a return e-mail acknowledgement to the filer to indicate that the Commission has received the electronic submission.
  12. Any correction or modification to a document filed electronically will require a revised filing with the Commission. In other words, a document already filed cannot be substituted or replaced. Instead, both documents will be posted online in the order of receipt.
  13. The filer is responsible for any delay, disruption, or interruption of the electronic submission and accepts the full risk that the document may not be filed as a result.
  14. All electronic documents must conform to the common written format requirements of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure.
  15. Most electronically filed documents are public records and will be available for viewing on the Commission’s web site as well as in the Clerk’s Office.
  16. Documents containing confidential or proprietary information cannot be submitted electronically. Confidentiality is waived for any information in documents submitted electronically. Documents to be filed under seal may be submitted on computer diskette, if authorized by the Commission. (See item 20.)
  17. Use of video or sound within the body of an electronically submitted document is not allowed.
  18. Hyperlinks embedded within an electronic document may only refer to information within that same document. Hyperlinks should not be used to refer to external documents or information sources that are likely to change.
  19. The filing party is responsible for serving the document in accordance with applicable rules and orders, including service on the appropriate Commission attorney. If any party indicates a preference, it is permissible to provide such documents electronically.
  20. In the event the electronic filing procedure is not a convenient method for submitting an electronic version of a document with the Commission, the DCC will accept a CD-ROM computer diskette. With any diskette submission, the diskette must be clearly labeled with the case number, the name of the filing party, a brief description of the document, the number of pages, and any special instructions, i.e. proprietary version or public version. If the diskette contains a filing that exceeds 100 pages, the filer must still provide an original and 15 paper copies per the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.
  21. Once registered, any authorized electronic filer may change their user information through the "on-line" electronic user account management feature on the Case e-Filing system.
  22. For further information or for assistance, contact Ken Schrad by e-mail,, or by telephone at (804) 371-9141.