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Division of Utility Accounting & Finance

Annual Financial and Operating Reports

Certain Annual Financial and Operating Report forms are available for download in Microsoft Excel or in Portable Document Format (PDF) to allow completion of the form on a computer to be sent to the division as an attachment via e-mail, or to print, complete, and return via regular post.

We request that those using these documents complete a registration form to help us determine how best to serve our users.

Divisional Reports

Divisional Reports regarding Affiliate and or Merger transactions are required to be filed with the Director of the Division of Utility Accounting & Finance at various times of the year. Utilities may file these reports in Word or Excel format as an attachment to our e-mail address at Reports that do not require a signature (and are not required to be filed with the Office of the Clerk of the Commission's Document Control Center) will be accepted. Any reports requiring a signature, as well as any supplemental papers (i.e. computer printouts), should be mailed via regular post.