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Division of Energy Regulation

Filing a Complaint

Upon request, the Division of Energy Regulation investigates and reviews utility actions for compliance with the utility's Commission-approved tariffs. Based on the results of such investigation, we attempt to informally resolve any disputes between the utility and the consumer in a reasonable manner. This informal complaint resolution process does not limit a consumer's right to request the Commission to initiate a formal investigation.

Before submitting a complaint, we suggest you first attempt to resolve your concerns with the utility. If the utility does not adequately address your concerns, you should contact us by mail, telephone, or electronic submission. For the most efficient handling of your complaint, please use only one method for notifying the Division of your concern. Once we receive your complaint, a Utilities Analyst will contact you as soon as possible.

If your complaint concerns the disconnection of your utility service, please call us immediately on our toll-free telephone number: 1 (800) 552-7945. You may also contact us at this number for other complaints as well.

To contact us by mail please use the following address:

Division of Energy Regulation
State Corporation Commission
P.O. Box 1197
Richmond, VA 23218

To submit a complaint electronically, please select one of the following options:

Also please be aware that the Energy Division cannot assist you with the following inquiries or disputes:

  • Complaints concerning bottled propane and/or oil companies
  • Complaints regarding municipally-owned utilities
  • Complaints related to telephone service, cable television or satellite TV service (Complaints relative to telephone service may be directed to the SCC's Division of Communications)