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News | News ReleaseContact: Ken Schrad, (804) 371-9141
For Immediate Release: March 29, 2016

RICHMOND — The State Corporation Commission (SCC) has approved a proposal by Dominion Virginia Power to construct and operate the Greensville County Power Station, an approximately 1,588 megawatt natural gas-fired combined-cycle electric generating facility to be located in western Greensville County.

In its final order, the Commission determined that the company established a need for the additional capacity and energy that the project would provide. The SCC also found that the company adequately considered and weighed alternative options, including third-party alternatives and alternative self-build options (including renewable resource options), in its selection process.

"We find that the Project will provide economic benefits to Greensville County, the Southside region, and the Commonwealth," the SCC stated. "In addition to local benefits related to construction and operation, most importantly the Project will foster economic development in Virginia by providing reliable and cost-effective electricity supply to meet the growing demand for electric service in the Commonwealth."

Along with the new power station, the SCC approved the construction of new 500 kilovolt transmission lines, a new switching station, and associated facilities in Brunswick and Greensville counties to connect the facility to the electric transmission network. The new station is expected to be online in 2019.


Case Number PUE-2015-00075
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