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News | News Release Contact: Andy Farmer, (804) 371-9141
For Immediate Release: June 03, 2016

RICHMOND β€” The State Corporation Commission (SCC) has approved an application by Doswell Limited Partnership to build a 340 megawatt generating facility in Hanover County.

The company plans to build the power plant on the grounds of the existing Doswell Energy Center. According to the application, the project involves the addition of two units capable of firing both natural gas and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

In its final order approving the power plant, the SCC stated that the construction of an additional electric generating facility such as the project is likely to improve reliability in the Commonwealth and the Mid-Atlantic region, particularly during peak times.

β€œIn addition, the Project is likely to create or support a number of jobs in the area and also may result in indirect benefits to the local community as a result of an increase in employment and incomes in the area,” the SCC stated.

Doswell Limited Partnership expects the power plant to begin commercial operation in March 2018.


Case Number PUE-2015-00127 - Application of Doswell Limited Partnership for approval and certification of a 340 MW electric generating facility in Hanover County