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Office of the Clerk

UCC Forms and Fees

The Clerk’s Office is designated as the central filing office in the Commonwealth for Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) documents which evidence a security interest in personal property securing payment or performance of an obligation and their amendment, assignment, and termination.

The UCC-1 Financing Statement and UCC-3 Financing Statement Amendment can be filed online through SCC eFile. Two options are available online: enter data into a form using SCC eFile or submit one or more previously completed forms by PDF upload.

Alternatively, to submit a UCC document for filing by postal mail, please mail it and a check payable to "State Corporation Commission" to:

State Corporation Commission
Clerk’s Office, UCC Section
PO Box 1197
Richmond VA 23218

UCC Filing Fees

Type of Filing Filing Fee
Financing Statement $20.00 each
Financing Statement Amendment $20.00 each
(i.e., assignment, change, continuation, termination)
Information Statement $20.00 each

UCC Forms

As of July 1, 2013, The International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) forms are the only forms that the Clerk’s Office of the Commission will accept.