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ATTENTION: The Clerk’s Information System (CIS) and SCC eFile have been restored, and business entity information is continuing to be updated. Clerk's Office staff is able to view and retrieve information from the business entity database and Call Center attendants can assist customers calling the Clerk's Office for information about a specific entity, (804) 371-9733 or toll free in Virginia 1-866-722-2551. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the unavailability of the CIS and SCC eFile, and thank you for your patience.
Office of the Clerk

Service of Process

Each Virginia and foreign business entity that is authorized by the Commission to transact business in Virginia is required to continuously maintain in Virginia a registered agent to accept service of process, notice, order or demand that is required or permitted by law to be served on the business entity. Virginia law also provides alternative methods of making effective service on a business entity, depending on the entity type.

To determine the name of a business entity’s registered agent and the registered office address at which the registered agent may be found, access the Clerk’s Information System or telephone the Clerk’s Office at (804) 371-9733 or toll free in Virginia, 1-866-722-2551.

The Clerk as Statutory Agent

Under certain provisions of the Code of Virginia, the Clerk of the Commission is appointed or is deemed to have been appointed the statutory agent of an individual or business entity for the purpose of accepting service of process, notice, order or demand. Often, there must have been a prior, unsuccessful attempt to serve a business entity’s registered agent before effective service can be made on the Clerk as an entity’s statutory agent.

There are several requirements under Virginia law for service on the Clerk as statutory agent, including a $30.00 filing fee. To assist you in providing all required items, the Clerk’s Office has produced an optional form, SOP-19.1. Please read the Instructions to make sure it is properly completed and submitted.