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Public Comments/Notices

As Commission decisions generally have broad public impact, orders often include a provision for notifying the public and inviting comments on a particular issue. The cases listed below include such a provision.

To submit your comments electronically, please select the button that appears immediately below the description of the case in which you are interested. When you have completed the form, submit the information for inclusion in the case file. All submitted comments will be printed and retained by the Document Control Center of the Office of the Clerk of the Commission. A copy of the information you submit will also be provided to the applicant.

Electronic submissions in this forum are restricted. Legal filings from applicants, defendants, petitioners, and respondents must be delivered, with the requisite number of copies and format, in the manner prescribed in the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure. These parties may opt to take advantage of Electronic Document Filing with the Commission.

For additional information on these and other cases before the Commission, you may wish to access DocketSearch.

NOTE: Your personal information and comments are made part of the case file and are accessible to the public through the SCC's DocketSearch feature. You may wish to review our Privacy Policy before submitting information electronically to the SCC.

PUE-2014-00102 - Application of English Biomass Partners - Ferrum, LLC, to conduct business as a competitive service provider of electricity
Comment deadline: 11/3/2014

SEC-2014-00041 - SCC Ex Parte: In the matter of adopting a revision to the Rules Governing the Virginia Securities Act
Comment deadline: 11/5/2014

PUE-2014-00066 - Petition of Virginia American Water Company, Aqua Virginia, Inc., and Massanutten Public Service Corporation for rulemaking to establish a Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Service Charge
Comment deadline: 11/7/2014

PUE-2014-00068 - Application of Virginia Natural Gas to amend its conservation and ratemaking efficiency plan
Comment deadline: 11/7/2014

BFI-2014-00009 - SCC Ex Parte: In Re: Money Order Sellers and Money Transmitters
Comment deadline: 11/20/2014

INS-2014-00203 - SCC Ex Parte: In the matter of amending the Rules Governing Insurance Holding Companies
Comment deadline: 11/20/2014

PUE-2014-00042 - Application of Dominion Virginia Power for revision of rate adjustment clause: Rider W, Warren County Power Station, for the rate year commencing April 1, 2015
Comment deadline: 11/25/2014

INS-2013-00238 - SCC Ex Parte: In the matter of revising the Rules Governing Long-term Care Insurance
Comment deadline: 12/1/2014

PUE-2014-00020 - Application of Columbia Gas of Virginia, Inc., to increase rates and charges and to revise the terms and conditions applicable to gas service
Comment deadline: 12/2/2014

PUC-2014-00056 - Application of Onvoy, LLC, to provide local exchange and interexchange telecommunications services
Comment deadline: 12/9/2014

PUE-2014-00052 - Application of Dominion Virginia Power for revision of rate adjustment clause: Rider R, Bear Garden Generating Station
Comment deadline: 12/10/2014

PUE-2014-00051 - Application of Dominion Virginia Power for revision of rate adjustment clause: Rider S, Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center
Comment deadline: 12/30/2014

PUE-2014-00050 - Application of Dominion Virginia Power for revision of rate adjustment clause: Rider B, Biomass Conversions of the Altavista, Hopewell, and Southampton Power Stations, for the rate year commencing April 1, 2015
Comment deadline: 1/15/2015

PUE-2014-00086 - Application for approval and certification of electric transmission facilities for the Brambleton-Mosby 500 kV Transmission Line
Comment deadline: 1/22/2015

PUE-2014-00025 - Application of Dominion Virginia Power for approval of the Remington CT-Warrenton 230 kV Double Circuit Transmission Line, Vint Hill-Wheeler and Wheeler-Loudoun 230 kV Transmission Lines, and 230 kV Vint Hill and 230 kV Wheeler Switching Stations
Comment deadline: 2/24/2015
Comment Deadline Extended by Commission Order

PUE-2014-00071 - Petition for approval to implement new demand-side management programs and for approval of two updated rate adjustment clauses
Comment deadline: 3/4/2015

PUE-2014-00045 - Application of Aqua Virginia, Inc., for an increase in rates
Comment deadline: 3/17/2015

PUE-2014-00035 - Application of Massanutten Public Service Corporation for an increase in water and sewer rates
Comment deadline: 4/9/2015