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Bureau of Insurance

Administrative Letters to be Reviewed by Every Producer

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There are a number of Administrative Letters that should be carefully reviewed by any person licensed as an insurance agent in Virginia. Specifically, licensees should review, at a minimum, the following:

Table indicating applicability of certain administrative letters
Letter - Subject Life &
& Casualty
1981-15 - Adverse Underwriting Decisions X X
1981-16 - Adverse Underwriting Decisions X
2001-9 - SCC Advises Agents to Beware when Selling Health Insurance Coverage X X
2002-1 - Procedures To Recognize Military Call-Up To Active Duty - Agent Licensing and Agent Appointment Processes X X X X
2002-8 - Changes in Laws Governing Licensing of Various Types of Insurance Agents And Procedures X X X X
2002-8 - License Conversion Table of Virginia License Types X X X X
2002-9 - Insurance Activities Requiring Persons To Be Licensed X X X X
2003-4 - Senate Bill No. 878 Privacy Safeguards X X X X
2004-3 - Procedural changes, administrative changes and clarifications regarding agent licensing and the Bureau's Agent Licensing Section X X X X
2004-5 - Legislation Enacted by the 2004 Virginia General Assembly X X X X
2005-9 - Implementation of electronic non-resident licensing (eNRL) with electronic funds transfer for licensing fees X X X X
2006-1 - Implementation of Procedure Change in Requesting Letters of Certification X X X X
2006-4 - Implementation of Procedure Change in Requesting a Duplicate License X X X X
2006-7 - Online Address Changes X X X X
2006-11 - Procedural change: Displaying National Producer Numbers (NPN) in Lieu of Social Security/DMV-Assigned Numbers X X X X
2007-1 - Flood Insurance Training Requirements for Insurance Agents with a Property and Casualty License or Personal Lines License Selling through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) X
2007-3 - Chapter 200 of Title 14 of the Virginia Administrative Code Rules Governing Long-Term Care Insurance Long-Term Care Partnership Program X X
2007-4 - Change in Vendor Providing Insurance License Examinations X X X X
2007-5 - Administrative Changes and Changes in Laws Governing Agent Licensing X X X X
2008-3 - Rules Governing Military Sales Practices (14 VAC 5-420-10 et. seq.) X X
2008-8 - Legislation Enacted by the 2008 Virginia General Assembly X X X X
2008-11 - Implementation of the New Bureau of Insurance Sircon for States System X X X X
2009-05 - Legislation Enacted by the 2009 Virginia General Assembly X X X X
2010-02 - Online Printing of Producer Licenses X X X X
2010-06 - Legislation Enacted by the 2010 Virginia General Assembly X X X X
2011-02 - Notice Concerning Certificates of Insurance X
2011-04 - Legislation Enacted by the 2011 Virginia General Assembly X X X X
2012-04 - Revised Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Privacy Notices; Withdrawal of Administrative Letter 2011-06 X X
2012-05 - Legislation Enacted by the 2012 Virginia General Assembly X X X X
2013-02 - Revisions to the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Program Requirements, effective January 1, 2013 X X X X
2013-05 - Legislation Enacted by the 2013 Virginia General Assembly X X X X

Last Updated:   July 18, 2013 11:40 AM