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Application Forms - Mortgage Companies

Applicants for new mortgage lender/broker licenses and branches must submit their applications to Virginia through NMLS. Applications for acquisition of control of licensees and for determination of a bona fide non-profit status are not currently processed through NMLS and will continue to be submitted through the mail. Application forms for acquisition of control or to determine bona fide non-profit status can be downloaded from this page.

Links to related laws and regulations appear below. Code and Regulation Sections can be viewed and downloaded individually or a report of multiple Sections can be created and downloaded. To download multiple Sections click on “create report” at the beginning of the table of contents for the specific Chapter and enter the beginning and ending Section of the sequence you wish to download. It is your responsibility to read and comply with all applicable laws and regulations

Note: Links to the Code of Virginia and Virginia Administrative Code in the menus below are external linksExternal Link logoand will take you off the SCC website.

Application Steps

  1. Click on the appropriate application form and download the PDF file. Instructions for each application are included in the application form.
  2. Download each supplemental form related to the specific application. (Applicable supplemental forms will be listed immediately following the application form).
  3. Read and follow all instructions in completing the application.
  4. Once the application has been completed, review the form making sure that all items have complete responses, the application is properly signed, and any required supplemental forms have been completed and included as part of the application package.
  5. Download applicable laws and regulations listed above by clicking on each item in the dropdown boxes at the top of the page.

Application Forms

  • CCB-8808 Application for Permission to Acquire Control of a Mortgage Lender and or Broker Licensee Pursuant to §6.2-1608 of the Code of Virginia
    • CCB-1123 Personal Financial Report and Disclosure Statement
    • CCB-1143 Limited Personal Financial Report and Disclosure Statement
    • CCB-1149 Depository Institution Authorization Form
    • CCB-1150 Employment and Business Affiliation Disclosure Form
    • CCB-8812 Criminal History Records Consent Form

  • CCB-8821 Application for Determination of a Bona Fide Non-Profit Status Pursuant to §6.2-1701.1 of the Code of Virginia
  • CCB-8823 Exclusive Agent Conditions of Licensure

Note: All applications are investigated by the Bureau of Financial Institutions. Certain application decisions are made by the Commissioner of Financial Institutions under delegated authority from the State Corporation Commission. In the event you wish to appeal either a determination made by the Bureau of Financial Institutions in the course of its investigation of your application or the Commissioner of Financial Institutions’ decision on your application, you may request a formal review by the State Corporation Commission in accordance with its Rules of Practice and Procedure